Reckless Love | Short Poem No. 20

This was not a reckless love.

No, you thought about it for some time.

You even cried about it that night.

You cried for me.

But your love was not an impulse

because you’re not like me.

I’m always changing,

swaying like a wave in the ocean.

reckless love

But your love is prudent.

You’re like an artist

carefully carrying (protecting) their prized work.

Wild, audacious,

you’re are none of these things.

But you were careful

and cautious.

After all,

it was my soul on the line.

God’s love is not a reckless love.

No, it is a cautious love

that saved a reckless heart.

(like mine).

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.

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Poem in Your Pocket | Short Poem No. 16

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I have a poem in my pocket.

I keep in closed like a locket.

I’m biding my time. When will I feel fine?

My heart is beating well past its design.

I have a poem on this paper.

To turn back now, I’d be a traitor.

I push myself out into to the field.

Our eyes meet, my weapon I wield.

poem in your pocket

I have this poem in my pocket.

Its words will shoot out like a rocket.

And finally, I’ll have you where I want you,

smitten by the words of Joey Blue.

And, finally, you’ll fall in love with me,

your unsuspecting knight.

I’ll win you this rhyme with love,

because I wrote every word just right.

Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash.

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Roses Red Violets Blue | Short Poem No. 14

Roses red violets blue.

I never knew how much I needed you

until you were gone for five minutes straight

and I started to hyperventilate.

Roses red violets blue.

Do you think you need me to?

If we were a band, you’d be my guitar.

But if you ever left it’d break my heart.

roses red violets blue

You love me, I love you.

I think your hair is pretty, too.

You smell so nice that you walk bye.

your perfume makes all the guys die.

Roses red violets blue.

I’m so glad I went with you.

You’re the prettiest girl out on the street.

with your boyfriend poet, ya that’s me!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.

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14 Line Poem | Short Poem No. 13

A 14 line poem about love:

As I walked into the room I stuttered.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes did see.

But an image of pure beauty fluttered

before my eyes – a dream of what to be.

There, she was sitting down, relaxed and calm.

While my heartbeat crept fast and wouldn’t stop.

She laughed, as if she held me in her palm

strings controlling my marionette top.

14 line poem

Why can women be so cruel to young men

By burying our hearts with just a laugh?

And giving us short glances now and then?

Shooting their perfumes to us like a gaff?

Or did the girl not know the games she played?

Did she not make the moves I thought she made?

Photo by diGital Sennin on Unsplash.

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Daydreaming | Short Poem No. 10

I’m sitting, daydreaming,

I miss her.

I’m lost in a moment,

But the moment’s not now.

Where is my mind when I try,

Try to live out my day?

I’m living in another place

And I don’t know why.


She caught me by surprise;

No, I wasn’t looking for this.

But then she grabbed me with her eye

As we were glancing across the way.

Now I’m living in a hazy world,

I’m with my friends

But they know I’m not there.

There’s only one thing I can say.


Photo by 90 jiang on Unsplash.

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Hands Fit Perfectly In Mine | Short Poem No. 7

Your hands fit perfectly in mine.

I’m so happy we’re us.

We fit together like two perfect hands,

Even though mine are much bigger than yours.

Hands fit perfectly

Sometimes I can’t wait to go home,

And do something “stupid” with you.

Like Watch our favorite TV.

Or eat something silly like

Hot dogs and pickles. We always love that.

If it’s a bad day, You’re an escape.

If it’s a bad day, you make it great.

It must be fate that we’re together

because your hands fit perfectly in mine.

Photo by on Unsplash.

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