Moments Notice | Short Poem No. 4

In a moments notice I was in another place.

My feet walk on the hot sand.

A cool ocean breeze runs through my hair.

Your fingers settled in between mine.

The world had it’s worries but we forgot to care.

Can a moment like this stretch into eternity,

when you look into someone’s eyes?

moments notice

But time always moves on.

The moment always dies.

And you look back and dream,

wishing of another day;

to be again in that moment.

But as you dream of the past,

today, the moment that could have been,

slowly drifts away.

Photo by Aron on Unsplash.

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Someone Knows Something | Short Poem No. 1

Someone knows something.

A long day coming, came in like a hurricane.

He came to work happy, but now he doesn’t feel okay.

We don’t have to say what happened,

We’ve all been there before.

So he hides inside his house, goes to his room, shuts his door,

And he plays on his guitar the things he feels inside his heart

when the world falls apart and everyone feels so far.

Someone knows something

She came to the world as simple as could be.

She only asked for the little things.

She’s not like you and me.

But the world forgot to tell her that it would be very cruel.

It left her brokenhearted and feeling like a fool.

So she plays on her guitar the things she feels inside her heart

When the world falls apart and everyone feels so far.

She plays on her guitar and prays a little prayer.

And the peace inside her heart lets her know

that someone’s there.

Someone knows something about her.

Someone knows something about you.

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash.

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© Joey Blue and, 2018. All rights reserved.