The Dark Side of the Moon | Short Poem No. 85

I’m looking at the dark side of the moon.
My eyes are open as I cannot sleep.
Is it because I went to bed so soon
That my mind wanders to lands that are bleak?

Dark Side of the Moon
Photo by Tiago Fioreze on Unsplash

Dark Side of the Moon.
Some Places Never See Light.
So, Too, Thoughts at Night.

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The Freezing Wind | Haiku | – Short Poem No. 81

The freezing wind howled,
whispered secrets in my ear,
’til its breathe ran out.

In the dead of night,
as it scraped across pine crowns,
the wind was alone.

With none to protect
from the dead sky’s wintry frost,
the winds heart froze, too.

As my heart froze, too,
“Please see that it’s not my fault,”
the freezing wind howled.