The Stage of My Life | Sonnet Remix No. 21

This is the stage of my life – here and now.
But you are the star of my performance.
I have to engage but I don’t know how.
Yet your blood in my veins feels enormous.

Your breathe gives new life to my dead spirit.
It pulls me up to face this hurricane.
My vision’s changed; I no longer fear it –
The thought of being consumed by the pain.

When the storms come, I feel a holy wrath.
A determination to stand for You.
I’ll flatten anything blocking my path.
I’m ready to take on what will ensue.

But sweat runs heavy, adrenaline fades.
And I’m pulled down by relentless burdens.
I just don’t want to do this anymore
if I was honest and just told the truth.

It’s not easy to walk this road I choose.
But when I’ve already won, I won’t lose.

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Reckless Love | Poetry Remix No. 20

People say you have a reckless love.
But I don’t believe that’s true.
I think you thought about it, for a good, long time.
In fact, I’m told you cried thinking about it that night. . .
You cried for me. . .

I guess that’d mean your love was not an impulse.
You’re not like me. . .
I’m always changing, swaying like the ocean.
Your heart is prudent.
You’re like an artist, putting careful thought into every detail.
And when you complete your work, you carefully carry it,
protecting from accidental damage.

I heard you’re wild, audacious,
but I don’t believe you’re any of these things.
You were careful and cautious when
my soul was on the line.
No, your love wasn’t reckless.
It was the most tender, caring love
that saves my reckless heart.

A Cold, Rainy Day | Poetry Remix No. 19

It’s a cold, rainy day in the streets.
Grey smokey clouds fill the sky.
I warm myself with a cup of hot, black coffee.
That’s the motivation that warms me.

My feet drag as I walk down the street:
Left, right, avoiding today’s puddles.
Dodging has become my life.
But you can’t dodge everything.

I sit and I watch others go by,
peeking between the bars I’m behind.
Like trapped animals, we all live in cages,
either afraid or enraged, wishing of escape.

I look outside, and the clouds are grey,
like smokey tears, or an old man’s eyes.
And I think, “What is life?”
It’s to know that the sun still shines on the other side.†††

To Heal Bad Hearts | Short Poem No. 66

Is there someone that can heal bad hearts?

Do not forget, you have a new name.
The new name that’s given to you: “Rebirth.”
Just how many years was your heart out laid,
now to be most happy in all the earth?

Fiercly hard times brought you internal dis-chord.
Your soul was ripped open with no one to care.
Even the worst saw your grief and was bored.
For your tears were common; it was unfair.

But there’s a God who loves making new starts,
with grace and with mercy to heal bad hearts.

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heal bad hearts
Photo by Bryan Garces on Unsplash

Soul is Strong | Poetry Remix No. 8

“My soul is strong, and stronger every day. Lay it down and pick it up on the way.”

My heart is raw, my hands are wide open;

Yes, I’m broken, but I’m willing to learn.

Take all of you, not me, and pour it in

deep in my soul and let the fires burn.

My soul is raw, so my mouth remains closed.

The less of me, then the more I am free;

Free to receive all from the One that knows;

knows me by my name and calls me to be.

My body is raw and always fading.

And I know that it won’t last forever.

One day, a new one will be given me

from my Redeemer and one life Giver.

My soul is strong, and stronger every day.

Lay it down and pick it up on the way.

Friends, this is a very special post to me because it comes deep from my soul. I know I haven’t been posting often lately. But I hope everyone is my community is still around to read!

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© Joey Blue and, 2019, except where noted. All rights reserved.

Raw Story, Soul is Strong
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