Reckless Love | Short Poem No. 20

This was not a reckless love.

No, you thought about it for some time.

You even cried about it that night.

You cried for me.

But your love was not an impulse

because you’re not like me.

I’m always changing,

swaying like a wave in the ocean.

reckless love

But your love is prudent.

You’re like an artist

carefully carrying (protecting) their prized work.

Wild, audacious,

you’re are none of these things.

But you were careful

and cautious.

After all,

it was my soul on the line.

God’s love is not a reckless love.

No, it is a cautious love

that saved a reckless heart.

(like mine).

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.

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Life is Beautiful | Short Poem No. 19

Life is beautiful, but

what is this existence?

it’s a rainy day out on the streets.

Clouds, like grey smoke fill the sky.

A hot cup of coffee fills my cup

like a warming bit of hope.

What is this life?

My feet drag as I walk down the street.

Dodging puddles left and right,

like I’m dodging life’s problems.

But it’s impossible to dodge them all.

Life is Beautiful

What is this existence?

I watch others go by

as I stand behind bars.

We all live our own, different, cages

like trapped animals.

We spend our lives trying to find a way,

a way to escape.

As I look outside,

the clouds are grey

like smoke and tears.

What is this life?

It is to know.

To know that the sun still shines

beyond the clouds.

Photo by Dean Rose on Unsplash.

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San Gennaro Feast – Short Poem No. 18

Reminiscing, as I get ready to attend The San Gennaro Feast 2018, New York City.

Everything changes.

The clock never stops moving.

And so, with time, we also move.

Always gaining, but always losing.

We dream of a place we used to know well,

a place slowing slipping away.

But, for one more day we’ll have it.

One more time to say I did it “My Way.”

We’re here with all our old friends.

Some we know, and some we do not.

Because here, we’re all paisans.

We’re cousins, even if we’re not.

We got it all,

we didn’t hold back.

Sausage and peppers on the grill.

Meatballs to make you fat.

San Gennaro

And don’t forget the canolis,

the pustis and lobster tails.

You better keep eating, boy,

you’re looking too pale.

People laughing, dancing,

everyone in good cheer

and yelling, but “It’s Amore.”

Sinatra and Dino are here.

It’s one day to remember

a time gone by.

One more day to remember who we are,

and what we had,

Or still have.

Photo by John Legrand on Unsplash.

For more information on The San Gennaro Feast, click here for their website.

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Cirque du Soleil Crystal | Short Poem No. 17

A short poem inspired by Cirque du Soleil. . . and also the personal stories of people like us.

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I think it’s time that I run away.

Can you feel me?

No, of course you can’t.

You barely even see me.

I’m cold. I’m all alone.

I think it’s time that I run away.

The world is waiting,

and so am I.

I’ve never been more ready.

I’ll make this world what I want it to be.

I think it’s time that I run away.

And I’m never coming back.

The door’s been closed to my soul,

my heart of ice that you’ve already cracked.

I think it’s time that I run away.

This world is as I choose.

It will be everything I imagined.

cirque du soleil crystal

But I’m cold, still alone.

Strangers and lovers abode.

But my heart is not their home.

I remember when I ran away.

It started snowing that very day.

And now I’m drowning in my own decay.

I wrote my future but

it turned out a different way.

Where is all the love

I dreamed would be?

Now I dream of a day

that I didn’t leave.

I dream that I didn’t run away.

Can I break out of my mind?

I try and try…

and try and try….

Then your love breaks through.

It was snowing when I

decided to stay.

This nightmare…

was just a bad dream.

I think it’s time that I stay.

Photo by Talgat Baizrahmanov on Unsplash.

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Poem in Your Pocket | Short Poem No. 16

To see more about “Poem in Your Pocket Day,”  click here.

I have a poem in my pocket.

I keep in closed like a locket.

I’m biding my time. When will I feel fine?

My heart is beating well past its design.

I have a poem on this paper.

To turn back now, I’d be a traitor.

I push myself out into to the field.

Our eyes meet, my weapon I wield.

poem in your pocket

I have this poem in my pocket.

Its words will shoot out like a rocket.

And finally, I’ll have you where I want you,

smitten by the words of Joey Blue.

And, finally, you’ll fall in love with me,

your unsuspecting knight.

I’ll win you this rhyme with love,

because I wrote every word just right.

Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash.

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Labor Day is Gone | Short Poem No. 15

Labor Day.

It came in like a car slamming its breaks

from an 80 miles an hour work week.

And now it’s time to rush away, no delay,

because there’s only 24 hours in a day.

We will get there, whatever it takes.

And this will be the trip that can’t be beat.

So that when I’m back to work, I can say,

“This was the best trip, by far, okay?”

labor day

But then I blink, two days have disappeared.

And my bank account’s gone in arrears.

But I’m having too much fun,

ignoring the voice telling me, “It’s half done.”

And then, finally, the end is here.

Tuesday comes in again in high gear.

I can’t believe it’s all done.

I’m only left with a photo. . .

and a teddy bear that I won.

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash.

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