Could Not Care to Write| Poetry DEmix No. 11

“For, how I now detest this Vetiver. I could not care to write, what-so-ever.”

I sit back, listening to classy jazz,
what they call “Italian Lounge Music.”
The kind with flutes, bongoes, all that pizzazz.
That’s why I love it; that’s why I choose it.

And I sit at my desk, pondering rhyme.
How to configure my latest update:
My remix of poems written past-time.
Scrambling because I am running late.

“Ah, no, just throw it out!” I told myself.
“The recreation just won’t do today.”
Looking over my years of fragrance wealth,
this post about Guerlain – it’s in my way.

For, how I now detest this Vetiver.
I could not care to write, what-so-ever.

Poets, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I often take old poems and “remix” them for new posts. However, I came across one that I just had no desire to – one about the cologne Guerlain Vetiver. That’s because I went from loving it – to not being able to stand it. I am not sure what happened, but it left me with no taste to write!

If you want to see the original post this was modeled after, check out “Guerlain Vetiver.” And if you want some help picking a fragrance you do like, check out my post “How to Pick a New Perfume of Cologne” You can also check out Jeremy Fragrance for some great recommendations.

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Guerlain Vetiver
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Tick of the Clock – Short Poem No. 59

The ticker’ing tick of the clock –

it loves me, not a lot.

Persuasions never effect it –

to slow or haste it’s tick.

Simmering sunsets saturate

eve’nings after I ate.

And how my soul does miserate

how fast they dissipate.

But, opposite, when tasks do bore –

the clock does stutter more.

The worst is yet when slumber comes –

or having the most fun.

The ticking clock, the enemy –

made by who to woe me?

By fellow man, to bring this curse

that follows to the hearse.

Forever striving with the clock,

enduring every mock.

The ticker’ing tick of the clock –

“Tick tock, tick tock. . . tick tock.”

Poets, I was just having some fun with this poem! Can you guess any elements of tempo or rhythm I was using? Sometimes it’s fun just to play with the artistic elements of poetry.

If you haven’t yet, please check out my last post, Sunsets of Beauty. It’s just a simple Haiku I wrote that came to mind after I saw a great picture on If you haven’t yet checked it out yet, is a great place to find free, royalty-free pictures for your blog. All that they ask is that they give the artist credit, which I try to do whenever possible. If there are other sites that you like to use, please let me know if the comments section!

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Tick of the Clock
Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

To Be a Drop in the Sea | Short Poem No. 57

Yes, I’m just a drop in the sea. But won’t you let me be?

Sometimes I like being alone. I’ll see you back at home.

Poets, did you ever just want some peace and quiet? Maybe it’s been a busy day. Maybe you just want a minute by yourself to write a poem. Tell us about it in the comments section!

Today I read a great poem by one of my favorite blogs, The Rendezvous Club, and I wanted to share it with you -> “Eating Soil.” It takes you on a short poetic story that becomes very heartfelt half-way through.

Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out my post – the first of it’s sort – giving a look into my personal life. It’s called “What’s Up Joe? The Bvlgari Portfolio.

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Leave Me Here
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Remember that You’re Loved | Short Poem No. 56

“When your heart becomes a flood, remember that you’re loved.”

I want to tell you something

that you should hear today.

I hope you find it touching;

to move your heart some way.

Don’t feel that you’re not special

on days you are alone.

My words come very gentle

to give your heart a home.

You are my one-and-only

and always on my mind.

So when you’re feeling lonely,

remember that you’re mine.


When your heart becomes a flood,
remember that you’re loved.


Friends, did you ever feel like you need to be reminded that you are loved? That you are someone’s one-and-only, and that they are thinking about you? Did you ever think about how much someone might need to hear that same thing from you? If you haven’t yet, tell it to that important person in your life today.

After writing this poem, I came across another post that captures perfectly the same yearning to know we are loved. I hope you check it out: “You are loved, you are worth it.” by imkyhrnndz. And, if you haven’t yet, please check out my post from last week “Life Passes Like the Sun,” which reminds us that, in life, there are times we must let life go, and other times we can embrace it.

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remember that you're loved

Photo by Meg on Unsplash

Life Passes like the Sun | Short Poem No. 55

“Life passes like the sun, I think you know it’s true.

Gain a life to lose one, tomorrow, will be you.”

I sit next to your bed, hold back another tear.

I hold onto your hand, afraid to feel the fear.

You’ve never been away but soon you won’t be there.

We’re counting down the days and showing that we care.

Life goes in a circle, I think you know it’s true.

Pass another hurdle, tomorrow will be you.

I sit next to your chair. You’ve grown too much, too soon.

They say you have my hair. My hair went bald this June.

You turn and give a laugh. I feel so bright inside.

I’m teaching you the path I learned from those who died.

Life passes like the sun, I think you know it’s true.

Gain a life to lose one, tomorrow, will be you.

Friends, this poem is very real to me as, in the same day, I am spending time with an older family member who is slowly passing on to the next life, as well as my little nephew, who just came into this life a few years ago. Myself, I am starting to enter the middle of my life, no longer being as young as I once was. This all has been bringing to my mind that famous Disney song, “Circle of Life,” which we are all a part of and must accept – with both joy and sorrow.

“Better to spend your time at funerals than at parties. After all, everyone dies — so the living should take this to heart.” Ecclesiastes (NLT)

Have you checked out my post from last week, “Penguins on the Rocks?” In a totally different approach, they both some to the same meaning – about taking life in it’s fullness, appreciating it, and not holding back.

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life passes like the sun
Photo by Jakob Hir on Unsplash

Penguins on the Rocks – Short Poem No. 54

Penguins on the rocks.

How long have they been waiting?

Is it time We jump?

Friends, did you ever look at a picture and have an idea come right into your mind from it? That’s what happened to me, here! Besides, who doesn’t like penguins?

For a fun “Where’s Waldo” – penguin style – check out “Find the coffee-drinking penguin!” by bluebird of bitterness.

“The lazy person claims, ‘There’s a lion out there! If I go outside, I might be killed!'” from the Book of Proverbs (NLT). The “lazy” in us will always find a reason not to jump.

What else have I been up to other than blogging? I recently picked up a new cologne – Valentino Uomo. I think this may be my new signature scent!

Have you checked out my last post, “Special Things?” It’s a new rendition of one of my older posts.

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Penguins on the Rocks
Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash