Sometimes, My Only Friend | Poetry Remix 41

I hide in music. . . sometimes, my only friend.
Or poems, with my second friend, a pen.
They ease me to shut my eyes. . . drift away.

Your love for me is clear in lucid words.
But when you’re missed, there’s no words for the hurt.
Sometimes, solitary, I weep alone.

Please take away the way I feel, I pray. . .
Please take away this pain, every day. . .
Take away the way. . . take it all away. . .

sometimes, my only friend
Photo by Mak on Unsplash

I hide in the shadows, under your wings.
I hide when I muse too much about things.
But you’re always here, and that’s what consoles. . .

Will My Heart Bleed Through Pen?

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Will My Heart Bleed Through Pen? | Poetry Remix 38

Today, anew, will my heart bleed through pen?
I thought I omitted these notions from my head.
My heart’s ajar on sheets I mark. . .
Paper cuts. . . pierce through me like a dagger.

Memories prick under calloused skin.
In hardened souls, feelings still run thin.
You will own my heart spilt on this paper.
And in quiet, you’ll perceive my whisper.

will my heart bleed through my pen
Photo by Kevin Mueller on Unsplash

I feel it leave. . expressions from my heart.
This release recalls emotional hurt.
Should I stop? Leave my hardened heart behind?
Tomorrow will tell. . If I’ll write next time. . .

I Crave to Kiss You

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I Crave to Kiss You | Poetry Remix 35

Let’s commence right way – I crave to kiss you.
Let’s not conceal; let’s just get right to it.
Because I know you crave to kiss me, too.

Your perfume allures me from the hall.
Every tread of stairs – we get near to it.
Every tread of stairs – hearts begin to fall.

I Crave to Kiss You
Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

As I open the door, lip meets with lip.
You’re my world and everything in it.
Two bound, to galaxies, we slowly drift. . .

The First Time This Week

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The First Time This Week | Poetry Remix 34

I stepped outside for the first time this week.
I guess I’m anxious that I’ll seem too weak.
Bracing for questions; asking how I am.
Truthfully I’m just dead beneath my skin.
But I’ll bow my head, say I’m better now.
It’s just a white lie that I’m living in.

I arrive to my work and drop a tear. . .
I utter your name but no. . . you’re not here. . .

The catch with daydreams is you can’t wake up.
Minutes pass like hours. . . refill my cup.

The first time this week
Photo by Joackim Weiler on Unsplash

I’m walking home. . . I drop another tear.
I whisper your name. . . but no. . . you’re not here.

I like to fall and gaze at the ceiling.
With all this pain, it’s fine to feel nothing.
I’m lost in woe, and the world keeps spinning.
So nothing can break the way I’m feeling.

I sit by myself and finish my tear.
You whisper my name, but no, I’m not here. . .

Lying. . . Stuck in my Grave

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Five Poetry Blogs You Should Follow This Fall (2019)

Five Poetry Blogs You Should Follow This Fall (2019)
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Five Blogs You Should Follow This Fall!

Hi All! I know that I haven’t done many posts like this in a while! But late this summer I did a mass search to find new blogs on WordPress to follow. And I have to tell you, I have found some really nice ones! I wanted to take this moment to share them with all of you – because I think, or know, you will enjoy them, too. So here’s five blogs you should follow this fall!

“Short Prose”


I wanted to start off with this one, although most of you probably know them, because I have been reading much more of their poetry lately. I just really appreciate the level of quality poetry they put out. It’s classic quality. . . but with a modern twist. And that’s how I want to write as well.

“Haiku Spot” & “Blue Willow Haiku World”

“Haiku Spot” Link:

“Blue Willow Haiku World” Link:

These next blogs I grouped together because they are both Haiku blogs. In the last few months, I have gotten more into writing Haiku, which also led me to search for more inspiration on them. I like these blogs because I think they really capture the true art of Haiku and help motivate me to do the same.

“100 Tang Poems”


I just like these poems. I feel that they help to capture more of the ancient, time-less art of poetry writing. And that is something I would like to aspire to in my writing – rather than just serving the “flavor of the day,” so to say.

“Uzuri Art”


This last one actually isn’t a poetry blog, it’s an art blog. But often times I find inspiration for writing in pictures or artwork, so I think it’s relevant to always be open to blogs that post pictures or artwork. And this blog is quite talented, in my opinion, and pretty much posts every day.

In Closing. . .

One last thing I always like to mention is that I don’t go deep into every blog and check everything they have ever posted. So if there is anything in there that offends you, I apologize. That’s just the nature of the game in blogging.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope that you will appreciate these blogs as much as I do. And, as always, don’t forget to check out my blog. . .

Jonathan Pines
“Writing with Strangers”

A Boy Named “Gullible” | Collaboration with Theresaly (Sa)

Hi Everyone! This next poem is a collaboration I did with Sa from Culture Shocks. . It’s a little spooky, just in time for Halloween! . . I hope you enjoy. . . We call this poem. . . “A Boy Named Gullible.”

Boy Named Gullible
Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

This began like any other strange night. . .
As an innocent child laid in bed,
a full moon rose on him through the window.
Quiet winds whispered nothings in his head.

“Come away, come away, little child.
Come to my home. Won’t you stay a while?”
“I have some cookies with brown chocolate chips”
A spirit said with a cheshire smile.

The sweet aroma tickled the child’s senses.
His outreached hands clasping in cold thin air,
Desiring a savory fresh dessert.
Getting his hopes up, “It’s just not fair!”

He shut his hungry mouth with a smile,
which soon dissolved into bitter disgust.
His chocolate treats were really dirty worms
That tasted like dark . . .slimy. . . filthy must. . .

Betrayed by the spirit’s deception.
Dejected. He spat the worms at the dark wall.
Evil gold eyes gleamed in the shadows,
To seize its prey: seize him one and all. . .
The boy that we have named. . .

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