A Lover’s Agony – Collaboration

Hi Everybody! This next poem is a collaboration I did with Winnie from Musings. It’s a story about a lover’s agony. I start the dialogue as the first lover, and then she replies in italics as the other. . . I hope you enjoy. . .

a lover's agony
Photo by Marisa Harris on Unsplash

“A Lover’s Agony”

As I laid down in bed, I closed my eyes.
I drifted to sleep thinking about you.
The girl that I used to know from my past. . .
And I wonder. . . Do you think of me, too?

”I woke up in the wee hours of the morning
Restless in my sleep 
Beddings and pillows strewn across the floor
Thoughts of you invaded my mind
For your visage, I wish to espy in a flash”

I left you, my dear, in a foreign land.
And with you I left my heart, mind and soul.
Tell me, do you miss laying hand-in-hand?
Without you, dear, I’ve never been whole.

“How long can I carry this unbearable ache?
A sudden deep yearning rendering me helpless
Which I tried to repudiate in my waking state
But my willful heart’s a traitor”

It pains me to think of how I can’t go back.
My cowardice preventing me in telling you there’s never going to be us.
My amour, I found someone who filled the void you left.
I owe it to you, to tell the truth, but I don’t know where to start…

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