Thinking About You Tonight | Short Poem No. 91

I’m thinking about you tonight.
Do you ever think about me?

I just wonder what you’re doing right now.
Or where you might be.

I thought about you as I washed the dishes. . .
You pop in my mind at random times.

I still have your knickknacks on the shelf, though.
But they look better in your house.

I hope you’re not mad at me.
You’re probably not.

I really miss you.
But I’ll try not to cry.

Sometimes I wonder what you’re doing. . .
Or do the dead just sleep?

© Joey Who? and WritingWithStrangers, 2019, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jonathan Pines

I have experienced a lot in life. For a while, I kept it all inside of me. But now it's time to let it out. I'm writing with all of life's saltiness, perfecting poetry in the process.

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