The Freezing Wind | Haiku | – Short Poem No. 81

The freezing wind howled,
whispered secrets in my ear,
’til its breathe ran out.

In the dead of night,
as it scraped across pine crowns,
the wind was alone.

With none to protect
from the dead sky’s wintry frost,
the winds heart froze, too.

As my heart froze, too,
“Please see that it’s not my fault,”
the freezing wind howled.

Reckless Love | Poetry Remix No. 20

People say you have a reckless love.
But I don’t believe that’s true.
I think you thought about it, for a good, long time.
In fact, I’m told you cried thinking about it that night. . .
You cried for me. . .

I guess that’d mean your love was not an impulse.
You’re not like me. . .
I’m always changing, swaying like the ocean.
Your heart is prudent.
You’re like an artist, putting careful thought into every detail.
And when you complete your work, you carefully carry it,
protecting from accidental damage.

I heard you’re wild, audacious,
but I don’t believe you’re any of these things.
You were careful and cautious when
my soul was on the line.
No, your love wasn’t reckless.
It was the most tender, caring love
that saves my reckless heart.

A Cold, Rainy Day | Poetry Remix No. 19

It’s a cold, rainy day in the streets.
Grey smokey clouds fill the sky.
I warm myself with a cup of hot, black coffee.
That’s the motivation that warms me.

My feet drag as I walk down the street:
Left, right, avoiding today’s puddles.
Dodging has become my life.
But you can’t dodge everything.

I sit and I watch others go by,
peeking between the bars I’m behind.
Like trapped animals, we all live in cages,
either afraid or enraged, wishing of escape.

I look outside, and the clouds are grey,
like smokey tears, or an old man’s eyes.
And I think, “What is life?”
It’s to know that the sun still shines on the other side.†††

Time to Run Away | Sonnet | Remix No. 17

Time to run away and never come back.
So. . .can you feel me? No, of course you don’t.
You never see me, or much less than that.
I’m all alone, even when I go home.

Time to run away and never come back.
The whole world is waiting, so why am I?
I’ve never been more ready to attack.
I’ll live my life – my way – before I die.

Time to run away and never come back.
I’ve made my world as I imagined it.
But, still, I’m cold with the clothes on my back
and love from strangers leaves me desolate.

When I ran away, I didn’t go back.
I remember it was snowing that day.
Like death from winter, my days now turn black.
I wrote my fortune, but it’s not that way.

Where is all the love I dreamed there would be?
Last night I dreamed I didn’t run away.
But as hard as I try, I can’t break free
from nightmares in my mind that come in the day.

It snowed the day I decided to stay.
A sober light woke my nightmare away.

Poem in His Pocket | Poetry Remix No. 16

He had a poem in his pocket.
But like a locket, it was closed.
He bided his time, when he felt fine,
when his heart might be as designed.

He scribbled his poem to paper.
Now, he can’t be a traitor.
Out on today’s field, his poem
would be the weapon he’d wield.

The poem burned in his pocket,
words shooting like a rocket.
Soon she’ll be where he sees her,
and cupid’s arrow will flare.

Finally, they’ll fall in love,
fall with all their might.
The poem will win all affection,
because he wrote every word just right.

But as he went home,
there it still hid.
perhaps another day,
the poem in his pocket.

© Joey Blue and, 2019. All rights reserved.