Poem Revisited: Therapist Garden by Mark Tulin

Another nice one I read today – great symbolism!

Crow On The Wire

I have a garden
full of baldheaded, bifocaled
therapists with sofas, chairs
and shelves of esoteric books
with all the answers inside their pages.

I water them once a day
with my problems and concerns,
fertilize them
with plenty of pain and angst
and guilt that won’t go away.

I make sure
the therapists have sufficient sunlight
to jot down important notes,
and plenty of reasons to say:
What would you like to talk about?
And, that’s all the time we have today.

I prune the issues
that I tirelessly worked through,
weed the therapists who lose their
objectivity, and compost
all my childhood memories.

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Poem #214

Great poem that I read today. . .


How can you make someone feel invisible,
thinner than paper, lighter than feather?
All of that flesh and blood and you just make it
disappear, you strip them away from everything.

How do you make someone feel worthless?
Just stay on the sidelines, don’t take away their essence.
If you drain their life to elevate yourself up it
will just intoxicate you more, stop spreading the damage.

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Clear Hearts and Minds | Short Poem No. 75

Take a breathe a think with clear hearts and minds
before regrets fill up all of our time. “

Clear hearts and minds
Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

I just wanna stop and take a minute.
I just wanna stop and say how I feel.
And I just wanna stop to get with it.
And I just wanna say it all for real.

Let’s stop with all the ambiguity.
Let’s not be afraid to speak with our hearts.
Just meet face-to-face and speak plain to me.
Chains are only as strong as their weak parts.

When times are hard I just wanna close up.
Don’t give me nothing I don’t wanna take.
Time to walk away ’cause I’ve had enough.
Don’t give me nothing I don’t wanna make.

Take a breathe and think with clear hearts and minds
before regrets fill up all of our time.

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Loneliness is a Gateway | Collaboration with Sakshi

Sometimes loneliness is a gateway. . .

Fellow poets, this is a collaboration I did with the blog “I Refuse to Give Up” by Sakshi and my blog, “Writing with Strangers.” This was my first collaboration. I hope you enjoy. . .

Sakshi: Italics
Me: Non Italics

Loneliness is a Gateway
Source of Image: Pinterest

Amidst the hustle bustle

Of those crowded streets

A million smiles

Guffaws and squeals

Alone but not lone

On streets and at home

Just a feeling that I feel

Hoping it will heal. . .

The gurgling water stream

Bringing a sense of calm 

But heart still yearns

For its soul’s balm

I feel at home in nature,

the earth gives me nurture.

Is it wrong to feel more okay

when people are away?

Peace is achieved

When quiesce is embraced 

Maybe loneliness 

Is a gateway.

© Sakshi Gangwani & Joey Blue/writingwithstrangers.com, 2019, except where noted. All rights reserved.

Carousels and Dreams | Short Poem No. 74

Hi Everyone. I recently submitted a new poem of mine to a blog called “Luna.” If you don’t know, they often feature guest posts and I’m happy they posted mine as well. I hope you check it out!

“Carousels and Dreams”


“I’m losing my days trapped inside a maze.
I’m burning ablaze and going insane.
So tonight I’ll be with no one but me.
I’m losing my dreams and losing my sleep.
‘Round and ’round in circles.
They go ’round and ’round in circles.
 A carousel of dreams
spinning out of me.
I’m hearing to clock, the ticking, tock.
I’m closing my lock, I’m tying my knot.
I’m soaking my tears, I’m hiding my fears.
I’m hating my years. I’m breaking my mirrors.
But I don’t wanna give up.
No, I don’t wanna give up.
I don’t wanna give up. . .
‘Round and ’round in circles.
They go ’round and ’round in circles.
 A carousel of dreams
spinning out of me.
A carousel.”
my blog is called writingwithstrangers.com

I am an amateur writer from New York. I try to blend both emotion and attention to mechanics, such as rhyme and…

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