Time to Say Goodbye | Short Poem No. 60

For all my friends facing a time to say goodbye. . .

Now it’s time for me to write our letter.

We always wait for time to say goodbye.

I always hoped that things would be better.

But, no, I couldn’t give a reason why.

And now, my body shivers at the thought

of how forever-expectations die;

how heart and soul can taste the sharp distraught

in a thousand lifetimes held in seconds.

I will keep all the many things you taught

close to my heart as memory beckons.

These thoughts, the only things I have to choose

to hold onto when souls cannot reckon.

But, no, my heart will not accept the truth

that what it has, it had, and had to lose.

Poets. . I wrote this poem in time of loss. Since that loss is still fresh in my heart, I can only concentrate on the poetic aspects of this poem. I really wanted to challenge myself, so I included a couple new themes of writing. Of course, this is a sonnet, but I decided to really concentrate on adding a “volta” in the last two lines, or sharp change. I also wrote it in a Terza Rima rhyming scheme.

If you want to check out another great sonnet, check out “Reflections of Mary” by Mishunderstood. That post is what inspired me to try Terza Rima. And if you haven’t yet, please check out my last post, “Could Not Care to Write,” which is much more light-hearted than this one. I also recently wrote “Tick of the Tock,” which characterizes how time is never stopping or slowly – perhaps relatable to this post, however also much more light-hearted.

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time to say goodbye
Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash