What’s Up Joe? The Bvlgari Portfolio

Poets, does the title “Bvlgari Portfolio” surprise you? If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I don’t just love poetry; I also love colognes! I’m going to start a new segment of my poetry blog where I give a glimpse into my everyday life. It’s entitled “What’s Up, Joe?” And today, we are talking about Bvlgari.

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Those are a new perfume and cologne that I recently ordered off of the Bvlgari website. I was always curious to see if you would receive some special service if you order a product directly from the company. When I ordered these, they came with a printed note and a nice box. But that was pretty much it. I also bought a few other bottles from the site. Then, one random day, I received this in the mail. . .

Bvlgari, portfolio

A portfolio of the Bvlgari company: An ornate, little hardcover book that basically went through the history of Bvlgari and showcased some of their most famous jewelry (jewelry, not fragrances, are the main wheelhouse of Bvlgari).

Bvlgari, portfolio
Bvlgari, portfolio

I loved looking through the pictures and reading about the company. I was also impressed with the quality of the book, being that they give it out for free. Needless to say, receiving the Bvlgari Portfolio is just another reason that they are my favorite fragrance company. Reading through the descriptions of their colognes on their website, Bvlgari.com, I also found a few phrases that I really like the image of, including “refined masculinity,” “subtle elegance” and “modern charisma” – all great things for any guy to aspire to fashion-wise.

I hope you enjoyed this first post for “What’s Up, Joe?” If you haven’t yet, please check out my latest poem, “Remember that You’re Loved.” Also be sure to check out my latest poetry writing tip, “Rhythm and Rhyme.” And thanks for reading about the Bvlgari Portfolio.

Friends, have any of you tried a Bvlgari fragrance before? Is so, leave a comment below.

Jeremy Fragrance Interview & Blogging Tips

The Jeremy Fragrance Interview & Blogging Tips.

Before we begin, you can find more from Jeremy Fragrance by clicking on the links below:


Let’s start off…

Today we are looking at a special Jeremy Fragrance interview, the number one fragrance Youtuber and video blogger. What do fragrances and poetry have in common? And what advice does Jeremy Fragrance have for fellow bloggers?

Jeremy Fragrance Interview & Blogging Tips | September 5, 2018.
  • What to Choose?

Joey: Let’s start off with the obvious question: What are the best fragrances for poets, men and women, and why?

Jeremy: I say some nice Whiskey and Smokey Tobacco Fragrances. Creates an atmosphere of an Oldschool Gentleman that thinks about life and what he has seen in life. Good example: Lord George by Penhaligons.

  • Big News!

Joey: So you’ll coming out with your own specially designed fragrance that will be for sale in the near future. Do you have any specific, “poetic” tag lines in mind for the promotion of your new fragrance?

Jeremy: No we keep it very strict simply efficient, we don’t do much on logos or fancy poetry lines all we want to do is to help people smell absolutely modern, very sexy, long lasting and save them time with the trust in our brand.

  • Exciting Readers.

Joey: Now, when you’re creating your videos, you’re doing something that is actually quite similar to what we do with poetry. You stand up in front of a mic and speak out words; words that are designed to create excitement and emotion in your viewers. So what tips would you have for us poets in creating that same sort of excitement and emotion inside the readers?

Jeremy: Speak with your heart, which is hard these days.

  • Blogging Tips.

Joey: Nonetheless, you have such a successful video blog – the top of your genre. So what one tip would you give to fellow bloggers who want help growing their blogs?

Jeremy: I made it my way, I wasn’t happy with the current market situation and did it how I wanted to see it as an end consumer. you can take this every market and business idea, this mindset.

  • Final Question of the Jeremy Fragrance Interview.

Joey: So now, one final question. What song or poem, lyrically, has really touched you the most and why?

Jeremy: A song by the Western Star who sang I hurt myself today, you feel every sentence he sings from his heart. its johnny cash.

Thank You!

Poets, I want to give a special thanks to Jeremy for participating in the Jeremy Fragrance Interview & Blogging Tips, and to you all for reading it. Be sure to check out all of his links listed above. And also stay tuned for the release of his very own fragrance line. This post may be a little different from the ones we regularly read in the poetry community, but it was still enjoyable and there is a lot to learn in it!

If you liked this article, also check out “Why Perfume Is My Essential Accessory” by Simple Ula, as well as my own article, “How to Start a Poetry Blog | Get Connected”

Featured Photo Copyright Jeremy Fragrance, 2018. Used With Permission.

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Jeremy Fragrance Interview
Jeremy Fragrance.

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne!

This article is going to show you how to pick a new perfume or cologne! This is going to be short and sweet. I’ve spent quite a while trying to find the right cologne for myself, testing and purchasing and these are some tips that I have learned over the years.

1. Find the Right Inspiration.

A key part to smelling good is finding a fragrance that is cool and modern. You do not want to smell like you are wearing something old fashioned, or just plain overdone. One of the easiest ways to find a good, new fragrance is to check out some of the fragrance reviewers on YouTube! I listed some of my favorites for you here below:

Jeremy Fragrance

(Click here to read my exclusive interview with Jeremy Fragrance)

Demi Rawling

2. Check Performance at Fragrantica.com.

You don’t just want to smell good, you want people to be able to smell you as well, and smell you all day. This comes down to performance – longevity and sillage. The best way to find how well your fragrance performs is to look it up on Fragrantica.com. I only choose fragrances that have been been voted by a majority of people as “long-lasting” longevity and “moderate” to “heavy” sillage.

3. Spray on Your Skin.

The fragrance needs to not only smell well, but smell well ON YOU. Just spray some on your skin and let it totally dry. How does it smell? If you don’t LOVE it, move on.

4. Look in the Mirror.

A perfume or cologne may smell great, even on your skin. But does it match your look, style, and personality? When you are testing how a fragrance smells, stop and look in the mirror when you smell it. Does it smell like something that a person who looks like you would wear?

5. Bring Someone with You.

A second opinion can be the most important thing you can get. That’s because another person will get a totally outside perspective of you. They can see the full picture of how you look and smell, as well as having a more unbiased opinion of yourself. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear what you love. But a second opinion can be a great tool in making your final choice.

6. Try a Lot!

There was once a cologne brand that I loved; it was my absolute favorite. However, once I started gaining more experience in colognes, I realized that this one that I loved really wasn’t that great. So my final point is very simple; you never know what you’re missing until you smell it. However, don’t let the pursuit of perfection keep you from enjoying what’s great. 

To sum up. . .

Poets, I hope you found this article useful! I know this one’s not about poetry or writing. But, personally, I just love fragrances. I am not sure there is any reason; it is just part of who I am. What a great way to add color and vibrancy to our lives!

If you liked this article, I also recommend that you check out this great article about storing your fragrances, “How I Store my Makeup & Perfume” by ALYSSA AMBER.

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How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne

Photo by Fatima Akram on Unsplash

Rhythm and Rhyme | Writing Tips for Beginners

Why Rhythm and Rhyme?

Why is rhythm and rhyme important? In music, lyrics follow the tempo and melody of the song. But when you are just reading a poem, you lose much of that flavor. Therefore, you’ll want to make your poem interesting to the reader in other ways. That is where rhyme and rhythm come in:

Rhyme and Rhythm: The Rhyme

Rhyming helps tie your words together and makes your lines feel like they really belong. It lets the reader know that your words are intentional, and it just sounds pleasant to the ear. If you’d like a more full definition, I found a great one on the The Poetry Foundation website.

I’m sure we are all familiar with rhyming patterns. But have you tried getting a little creative with them? For example, try a consistent A- B – A -B pattern, an A – A – B – B pattern, or an A – B – B – C – A pattern. In poetry, you are free to do what you like. I just recommend making it intentional, as it will make your poem more pleasant to the reader.  

Rhythm and Rhyme – the Rythm

Rhythm can be a little bit more tricky, because it involves not only counting syllables, but also which syllables are emphasized and which are not. But when you pull it off right, it can be really great. If you’d like a more exhaustive definition of Rhythm, please check out this great post from Young Writers.

So, make a rhythm by setting each line to 7, 10, or 12 syllables each. If you want to add a deeper level, give it a dimeter emphasis. That’s where ever second syllable is emphasized. You may even find it more fun challenging yourself in these new ways.

Personally, I prefer to not have each line contain the same amount of syllables. This makes it feel much more natural. However, I do still like to keep a pattern. So I will rotate the amount of syllables. One of my favorite approaches is using 7 – 6 – 7 – 6 syllable lines, with dimeter and an A – B – A – B rhyming pattern. Check it out in my post “Remember that You’re Loved!”

The last tip here is just to change it up! Like adding a chorus or bridge to a song, try adding section to your poem that uses a different rhyme or rhythm. This will keep it fresh to the reader! 

Poets, I wanted to end this post with just one special quote. It’s inspired from a movie that I think many of us love and remember: Cool Runnings (1993). . . There is just one thing I want from you all, and that is to. . .

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s poetry time!”

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Rhythm and Rhyme
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Remember that You’re Loved | Short Poem No. 56

“When your heart becomes a flood, remember that you’re loved.”

I want to tell you something

that you should hear today.

I hope you find it touching;

to move your heart some way.

Don’t feel that you’re not special

on days you are alone.

My words come very gentle

to give your heart a home.

You are my one-and-only

and always on my mind.

So when you’re feeling lonely,

remember that you’re mine.


When your heart becomes a flood,
remember that you’re loved.


Friends, did you ever feel like you need to be reminded that you are loved? That you are someone’s one-and-only, and that they are thinking about you? Did you ever think about how much someone might need to hear that same thing from you? If you haven’t yet, tell it to that important person in your life today.

After writing this poem, I came across another post that captures perfectly the same yearning to know we are loved. I hope you check it out: “You are loved, you are worth it.” by imkyhrnndz. And, if you haven’t yet, please check out my post from last week “Life Passes Like the Sun,” which reminds us that, in life, there are times we must let life go, and other times we can embrace it.

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remember that you're loved

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