Penguins on the Rocks – Short Poem No. 54

Penguins on the rocks.

How long have they been waiting?

Is it time We jump?

Friends, did you ever look at a picture and have an idea come right into your mind from it? That’s what happened to me, here! Besides, who doesn’t like penguins?

For a fun “Where’s Waldo” – penguin style – check out “Find the coffee-drinking penguin!” by bluebird of bitterness.

“The lazy person claims, ‘There’s a lion out there! If I go outside, I might be killed!'” from the Book of Proverbs (NLT). The “lazy” in us will always find a reason not to jump.

What else have I been up to other than blogging? I recently picked up a new cologne – Valentino Uomo. I think this may be my new signature scent!

Have you checked out my last post, “Special Things?” It’s a new rendition of one of my older posts.

“Penguin on the Rocks” © Joey Blue and, 2019, except where noted. All rights reserved.

Penguins on the Rocks
Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash

Author: Jonathan Pines

I have experienced a lot in life. For a while, I kept it all inside of me. But now it's time to let it out. I'm writing with all of life's saltiness, perfecting poetry in the process.

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