1000 Likes – Thanks to My Community!

ThePoetryAboutUs.com just reached 1000 Likes! What a big thanks I want to give to my community!

Thank you all for this great milestone in my blog! I put a lot of hard work and dedication into my blog to make sure that I am producing only quality content for every one of you to read. The support, likes and comments have been amazing and so encouraging. Without the community on here, my blog wouldn’t be anything.

I want to stop and take a minute to highlight the top contributors from my community so far. I hope you’ll check them out, too, if you haven’t already!

What’s been new on my blog lately? You may have noticed that I have made in a change in my writing technique; less free-form poetry, and writing more Sonnets and Haikus. I hope you like it!

Thanks Again, Everybody, for 1000 Likes!

The next one thousand will be even better than the first! And if you haven’t yet, please check out my newest poem, “Thin White Lines.” Also look forward to seeing my next installment of Poetry Blogs You Should Meet for Spring 2019.

  • Joey Blue

Author: Jonathan Swift Pines

I'm writing with all of life's saltiness, perfecting poetry in the process. . . Profile Photo by Levi Clancy on Unsplash.

31 thoughts on “1000 Likes – Thanks to My Community!”

  1. I just saw the title on my reader and hopped over the Congratulate you and you even put up my name here — So many, many thanks added to hearty congratulations!!!! Look forward to reading more and sharing, learning and enjoying this journey of life and poetry together! Thanks so much and very best wishes for every success in the days to come. 😊


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