Love Notes | Poetry Remix No. 3

“Love Notes:” They come in many forms.

There’s sounds of a violin, I walk down the street.

I’m hearing sweet music play, the drum is my feet.

My mind is the bow that slides up and down the strings.

This happens when I think of the warmth that you bring.

I’m just a simple boy leading a symphony

when, in my ear, I hear your voice calling to me.

But, the music never stops,

finally have each other.

And the music never stops

plays as I’m with my lover.

Your voice is the melody,

the winds makes a harmony.

Making rhythms as I walk,

symphony of you and me.

Featured Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash.

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“Love Notes” © Joey Blue and, 2019. All rights reserved.

Symphony Hall, Love Notes
Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash