Why Write Poetry? | Top 3 Reasons

Why Write Poetry?

Many of you fellow bloggers and readers out there are wondering, “Why write poetry?” Well, I’ve been writing poetry for a few years now and I’m going to give you the top three reasons that I do: Writing has therapeutic benefits, mental benefits, and, on a blogging website, helps you to connect with other writers

Writing Poetry is Therapeutic.

The first reason that I write poetry is that it’s therapeutic; it’s a release of emotions. Sometimes you don’t know how much you have built up on the inside until you start writing. But, be careful: Once you start letting it out, it can be overwhelming.

Writing Poetry is a Mental Exercise

Writing poetry also forces you to exercise your mind. You have to think and you have to practice your writing and grammar skills. It also helps you to challenge yourself to become better at something.

Writing Poetry on a Blogging Website Connects You with Other Poets

I love being able to connect with other writers on WordPress. I’m able to learn from other writers, relate with them, and also get new ideas. In addition, we’re able to give each other constructive feedback and encouragement to keep writing.

In Conclusion of Why Write Poetry. . .

If you haven’t starting writing poetry yet, I hope you give it a try. If you already do write poetry, I hope this gives you encouragement to keep writing and to broaden your horizons. I hope you all gain the therapeutic benefits, mental benefits, and connections to others through writing poetry.

Featured photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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Why Write Poetry
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash