Cold Alone and Forgotten – Short Poem No. 40

Have you felt cold alone and forgotten?

I’m looking forward into this grey divide,

where light meets dark.

It’s chilling where I am right now,

but as I look forward,

I’m only blinded by the colder,

emptier oblivion of the unknown.

I could imagine a time of summer,

when all that I see now was warm and green.

But, all I see is dark. . . grey. . . loneliness.

cold alone and forgotten

And there’s no friend by my side to comfort me,

except for the Spirit of a benevolent God.

A benelovent God who, by the way,

led me here to this trepidatious wilderness.

There is nothing left to do now but,

embrace the lonely chill that shivers up my spine,

and step forward, one foot at a time,

cold alone and forgotten.

Photo by Pascal Brändle on Unsplash.

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© Joey Blue and, 2018. All rights reserved.