Reckless Love | Short Poem No. 20

This was not a reckless love.

No, you thought about it for some time.

You even cried about it that night.

You cried for me.

But your love was not an impulse

because you’re not like me.

I’m always changing,

swaying like a wave in the ocean.

reckless love

But your love is prudent.

You’re like an artist

carefully carrying (protecting) their prized work.

Wild, audacious,

you’re are none of these things.

But you were careful

and cautious.

After all,

it was my soul on the line.

God’s love is not a reckless love.

No, it is a cautious love

that saved a reckless heart.

(like mine).

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.

Click here for the definition of “reckless.”

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