Life is Beautiful | Short Poem No. 19

Life is beautiful, but

what is this existence?

it’s a rainy day out on the streets.

Clouds, like grey smoke fill the sky.

A hot cup of coffee fills my cup

like a warming bit of hope.

What is this life?

My feet drag as I walk down the street.

Dodging puddles left and right,

like I’m dodging life’s problems.

But it’s impossible to dodge them all.

Life is Beautiful

What is this existence?

I watch others go by

as I stand behind bars.

We all live our own, different, cages

like trapped animals.

We spend our lives trying to find a way,

a way to escape.

As I look outside,

the clouds are grey

like smoke and tears.

What is this life?

It is to know.

To know that the sun still shines

beyond the clouds.

Photo by Dean Rose on Unsplash.

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© Joey Blue and, 2018. All rights reserved.