Cirque du Soleil Crystal | Short Poem No. 17

A short poem inspired by Cirque du Soleil. . . and also the personal stories of people like us.

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I think it’s time that I run away.

Can you feel me?

No, of course you can’t.

You barely even see me.

I’m cold. I’m all alone.

I think it’s time that I run away.

The world is waiting,

and so am I.

I’ve never been more ready.

I’ll make this world what I want it to be.

I think it’s time that I run away.

And I’m never coming back.

The door’s been closed to my soul,

my heart of ice that you’ve already cracked.

I think it’s time that I run away.

This world is as I choose.

It will be everything I imagined.

cirque du soleil crystal

But I’m cold, still alone.

Strangers and lovers abode.

But my heart is not their home.

I remember when I ran away.

It started snowing that very day.

And now I’m drowning in my own decay.

I wrote my future but

it turned out a different way.

Where is all the love

I dreamed would be?

Now I dream of a day

that I didn’t leave.

I dream that I didn’t run away.

Can I break out of my mind?

I try and try…

and try and try….

Then your love breaks through.

It was snowing when I

decided to stay.

This nightmare…

was just a bad dream.

I think it’s time that I stay.

Photo by Talgat Baizrahmanov on Unsplash.

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